Thursday, November 30, 2006

Presents Presented
Nicole B. Brewer

The authors table was continually mobbed but we did get some skin care tips from New York Times writer Alex Kuczynski who was signing her expose of plastic surgery addiction, "Beauty Junkies", Victoria Amory showed off her gorgeous new book of Palm Beach cookery, "Delicious". Perennial party observer of the late 20th century Anthony Haden Guest regaled us with tales of the nightlife scene in the decadent Studio 54 years as chronicled in "Disco Years". Appropriately sitting next to Guest were Christope Van Hohenberg and Charlie Scheips who were inscribing copies of the new "Andy Warhol, The Day the Factory Died".

We had great fun with Paige Peterson whose "Blackie, The Horse That Stood Still" is sure to be a big stocking stuffer for children and grown-ups alike. After excusing herself to check out the tent, she returned ten minutes later modeling an ankle length Revillion full length fox fur coat she had scooped up for $400. Not only is she a great artist but shes smart too. No wonder she was inducted into Guild Halls prestigious Academy of the Arts. So fascinating were the conversations, that we were barely able to get in a few silent auction bids before they closed the bidding and the bar vowing to return over the weekend.

As we were leaving we spied Christophe Von Hokenberg heading up Jobs Lane for yet another book signing at the Ferregut Tower Gallery where his images of the famous and infamous attendees at Warhols memorial were on display.